About us

RMF, formerly Euroedil Srl, was founded in 2001 by the will of the two partners Rosa Peruggini and Giampiero Serra first as a construction company; in a short time it becomes and becomes the strategic partner of the main property company and SGR of the Italian Real Estate stage.


Our Services

Building and Plant Design

Building design, plant design, home staging are also carried out to support building renovation services, in general contracting and facility management.

Facility management

Provision of services able to meet different needs: services to the building, to the space. Building and plant maintenance, cleaning, security and maintenance of green areas.

Technical service

Scheduled preventive, ordinary and extraordinary building maintenance on electrical, thermo-mechanical and fire-fighting systems.

General contracting

Service to optimize processes from design to implementation, up to the end of all the works, testing and delivery of certifications.


Use of the Drone

The use of drones is very important in the design phase, as it allows to detect both the area of ​​intervention and the progress of the work.

It is also essential for the 3D rendering of the building: this in fact already allows a vision of the structured project.