Technical Service

industrial compressor

Technical-maintenance management

Facilities audit, energy audit, preparation and execution of maintenance plans, extraordinary maintenance activities, emergency response activities.
Ordinary and extraordinary maintenance and restructuring, internal and external, from single apartments to entire properties, guaranteeing the perfect execution of the work in the smallest details.

RMF Srl is a dynamic company born from the passion for this sector, the primary objective is customer satisfaction since from the beginning, a clear and serene relationship in all stages of processing right from the design stage.
RMF Srl has its own expertise integrated with a network of professionals capable of responding to the needs of each individual project.

The quality process carried out offers a high degree of reliability, point of strength in RMF, that with this base is able to offer innovative solutions and the best service with elasticity, thanks also to all the employees and collaborators specialized in different disciplines.
Having the total control during processing and of the security of an accurate implementation by qualified and up-to-date staff.
Turnkey renovations, special foundation works, work on buildings using rope men, waterproofing works, acoustic thermal insulation, paving and covering, external arrangement works, paving and sewerage, tinsmith works, carpentry works, blacksmith and window-maker works, glazier works, painting and enamelling of all types.

  • Plant engineering – Heating – Sanitary water systems – Electrical systems

RMF is always at the side of its customers with complete assistance in the management and maintenance of the systems, it is the ideal partner to rely on for the management, maintenance and construction of technological systems, heating, air conditioning, sanitary water, electrical systems and cogeneration.
We study a specific scheduled maintenance activity for each plant, offering accurate and timely interventions entrusted to a highly qualified employees, always careful to customer needs.

Thanks to our Global Service mode, we ensure cost control regardless of the number of interventions, the certainty of the result and the opportunity to integrate services.

Furthermore, we offer the Third Supervisor service and the maintenance of the contracted systems, taking care of the management, the compliance of the practices and the adjustments required by current legislation.
We outsource to our customers every activity related to the operation of the building, with the guarantee of optimal performance and established costs. All this takes the form of a reliable system, with reduced management costs and maximum efficiency with regard to energy savings.


Fire prevention systems

With the collaboration of leader companies in the sector, we design and install sprinkler fire extinguishing systems, hydrant and hose reels for effective protection for building, material and people, against the damage caused by the flames.

Execution of all scheduled preventive maintenance activities aimed at maintaining the efficiency contitions in fire extinguishers, hoses, dry or wet sprinkler valves, fire-fighting pressurization stations, hydrants and fire doors (REI doors / gates), and fire-fighting devices present in buildings for commercial / industrial use.

The Spinkler fire-fighting systems are composed of a water supply and a piping network that are generally positioned on the ceiling or in the roof, to which are connected some nozzles placed at a well-designed safety distance and closed by a thermosensitive device.

The heat caused by the fire causes the opening of the regulators directly above the affected area, activating the emission of water through drops, limiting in this way the possible damages and guaranteeing the control of the fire.

Our systems are always equipped by all declarations and practices for the certification towards the competent authorities, because we are perfectly aware that in case of emergency nothing must be left to fate.


Electrical and building automation systems

We design and build civil and industrial electrical systems with great attention towards new technologies to achieve comfort, safety and maximum energy savings. As part of management and maintenance of technological systems, we are specialized in offering remote management services.

Our systems are manufactured using only primary brand equipment to maintain the best quality and reliability standards. We also offer the supply of Building Automation for the design of our electrical panels and systems.

Our control systems are perfectly sized for efficiency and suited to your specific needs.

For this reason, in addition the guarantee in respecting for the environment, we are able to minimize energy usage.

We offer Electrical, Security and Video surveillance systems, Building Automation.


Energy management

Our energy services are able to respond with maximum efficiency to industrial and civil realities, with the purpose of rationalizing consumption and achieving the “Environmental Comfort”, that is the ideal temperature in any location.

We offer extensive energy diagnoses and savings interventions, offering complete plant management and assuming overall responsibility: design, requalification, supply of fuel (gaseous or liquid), conduction and maintenance.

We ensure optimal results in terms of both efficiency and savings for all our interventions.

Our global energy management capacity is possible also thanks to the ability to “certify”, through in-depth audits, the energy efficiency of any structure and building complex and to suggest the most suitable interventions to increase it.

The MWh Energy Service is the completion of the Energy Service where the consumptions of the end users are commensurate (recorded with specific thermal energy measurement devices in compliance with current national and European regulations) to the thermal kWh actually dispersed in the building.


Use of the drone

The use of the drone was born to compensate those situations in which the direct action of man would implicate excessive risks or would be inconvenient from an economic and logistic point of view. The drones used in construction can also be equipped with infrared cameras, used for the energy diagnosis of the building, assembly activities in those situations where creating a suitable scaffold is particularly difficult or expensive, such as in the case of very high buildings or in which is difficult to access.

This technology is particularly useful for performing actions that for men could be particularly dangerous or in those cases where the presence of the human operator could present economic or logistical difficulties.

These flying objects are not only useful for breathtaking shots, but the drone also in construction is a good innovation can be used for:

  • thermographic surveys
  • control and inspection of roofs, buildings and infrastructure and cultural heritage
  • installations tests
  • rendering of 3D models
  • realize aerial surveys to support the design
  • accomplish energy and plant diagnostics
  • check the operation of photovoltaic systems
  • get photographic surveys
  • monitor construction sites
  • transport materials on sites
  • create new buildings
  • fire surveillance and public order
  • analysis of hydrogeological instability
  • employment for damage assessment, evaluations and inspections in places that are difficult to access such as bridges, viaducts, power lines.

The use of drones is very important in the design phase, as it allows to detect both the area of intervention and the progress of the work.
Also essential for the preparation of 3D rendering of the building; this already allows having a vision of the entire project.