General Contracting


For us, the general contractor must be able to competently coordinate all the actors involved in the construction process, from technicians, to the individual sub-contractors and operators, this is why RMF puts itself as a director, thanks to his skills matured in twenty years, carries out the realization of the work in its entirety: from the assignment of the design role, to the operational and financial planning, up to the performance of all the phases necessary to complete the work, in all tranquility.

To deal with a single representative for the customer is much simpler and more reassuring, as well that involves fewer problems. Times and costs are reduced, because a general contractor has a dense network of collaborators in which he constantly relies on, who knows how they work and whose presence can plan with certainty, limiting the problems in coordination. In this way the general contractor, even before starting work, has a clear and precise global vision of what the final result will be.

The RMF’s purpose is always the same, both for the deal with a colossal work than with the rearrangement of a small apartment: optimizing time and costs; ensuring maximum convenience and quality during all the building process.

RMF is involved in the general contracting of the realization, revamping and redevelopment of:

  • Building and facilities restructuring
  • New apparatuses installations
  • Redevelopment and revamping of the plants
  • Electrical installations, civil and industrial
  • Heating and air conditioning systems
  • Sanitary water systems